What is the most expensive vape pen? 2 Chainz smokes it


Portable vaporizer (vape pen) became habitual for modern people. But how does the most expensive vape pen look like?

2 Chainz tastes and tests different thing in terms of GQ & VICELAND “Most Expensivest”. This time together with Bloom Farm, he tries to figure out what is the most fashionable, stylish, classy and expensive vape pen.

By the way, Bloom Farm donates a meal from every vape pen they sell. There are 7 food banks in California and Nevada that they support. They’ve already donated more than 1.2 million meals for the last few years.

Highlighter PLUS – high THC version. It contains more than 80% THC.

Rosegold Highlighter. CBD: THC = 1 : 1.

Highlighter Uncrate Special Edition.
Only several thousands of these vape pens are produced.
Soft gro touch finish. CBD : THC = 1 : 1.

КEach vape pen by Bloom Farm costs $100. 2 Chainz finds Bloom Farm vaporizers not so expensive.

The video is ridiculous, but it’s more advertising than a fair test.


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