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Roces Team at Winterclash 2019 without Joe Atkinson

Roces came to big misunderstanding between them and Joe Atkinson right before the Winterclash 2019. Although he's taken the...

Roces Brings History to Life with Rereleasing 5th Element UFS in 2019

Finally, Roces hears its customers begging and decides to reissue the legendary 5th Element skates. Now it's UFS, comes...

Nils Jansons Roces M12 Charcoal Pro Skate Promo

Nils Janson releases new video for his first Roces M12 pro skate. In this promo material he is proud...

Joe Atkinson Skates M13 and Sola Frames Instagram Clip

В новом видео, выложенном в инстаграм, Joe Atkinson обкатывает в бетонном скейтпарке подгон от roces в виде M13. Примечательно...

Roces Khuti UFS Setup with Valo Plates and Liners

khuti setupvalo plates, valo liners

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