Roces Team at Winterclash 2019 without Joe Atkinson


Roces came to big misunderstanding between them and Joe Atkinson right before the Winterclash 2019. Although he’s taken the first place, there is no Joe in these edits.

Here’s what Joe Atkinson writes on his Facebook page after his retirement from Roces:

It seems that Roces goes hard through all the last scandals. You may remember the form, in which Gavin Drumm has declined their proposal. But in the end of they day, they still bring even more hype to their aggressive team revival with all these last cases.

Of course, it’s just not right that aggressive inline skate brands don’t want to give more support to the riders, which risk their health everyday. Let’s hope, there are brands that look for such talents as Joe Atkinson and can offer him more.

During Winterclash, the relationship with my skate sponsor was diminished and ended unwillingly due to a dispute over a non-negotiable salary decrease. After the announcement, I received overwhelming support in the form of comments and DM’s from the community.

There are companies who have been a part of the industry for 25+ years and do not feel a need to support and compensate their “Pro” riders in a way that most would regard as professional. What we do and risk our health for as athletes, is not always treated as valuable work.

Read the whole Joe Atkinson’s post on Roces retirement

All in all, Roces has got one of the strongest team at the moment. Nils Jansons, Yuto Goto and Bobi Spassov have got very unique styles. And upcoming Martin Danning has also been showing great results and progression lately.

Just one question: who’s the next to leave?

Raw Clips by Kaspars Alksnis

This edit shows the diversity of Roces present team’s styles, which now consists of Giuseppe Jeimbo Lunetto, Francesco Famà, Martin Danning, Yuto Goto, Grant Hazelton, Nils Jansons, Stefan Brandow, Bobi Spassov and Chad Hornish.

Filmed and edited by Kaspars Alksnis

Additional edit by Stefan Brandow

Stefan Brandow left Razors to ride for Roces not so long ago. He grabbed his camera to Winterclash 2019 and filmed his teammates.


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