Beast Coast Release Music Video for “Distance” from “Escape from New York” Album


There are 3 verses in “Distance” by newly formed Beast Coast: one verse from Joey Bada$$, one more from Issa Gold, member of “The Underachievers”, and another one from rapper and beatmaker Eric Arc Elliott (Erick the Architect) of “Flatbush Zombies”.

In “Distance” track Beast Coast rappers rap about how they won’t stop in front of their enemies. These guys got united around one common idea and won’t retreat. They’ve got street connections. They became conscious a long time ago, freed from stereotypes and are ready to unlock their potential. Gun barrels are loaded, and clips are ready to become empty.

Beast Coast rappers know that you know nothing about them. Joey Badass starts with lines which create the mood for the whole track.

Nigga life end if he startin’ with me
My niggas still goin’ hard in these streets
Triple six, nigga, the mark of the beast
I unlocked my potential, I’m feelin’ unleashed, sheesh (’Leashed)

Moreover, Joey Badass performed the chorus in “Distance”:

Unlocked my chains and I’m feelin’ so free
I tried to tell ’em, I been a OG (Yeah, yeah)
Tell me what they really know about me
I don’t think they really know anything
Now you done fucked up, you woke up the beast
Everywhere I go, we 47 deep
We gon’ run down and they forced to retreat (Yeah)
Every last one of my niggas gon’ eat

The Beast Coast’s “Distance” track was produced by beatmaker Powers Pleasant and released on the “Escape from New York” album in 2019.

At the end of the video, there is a short part for the Beast Coast’s “Bones” track from the same “Escape from New York” album. Zombie Juice starred in this. The full version of the track features Issa Gold, Nyck Caution, Erick the Architect, Kirk Knight, Meechy Darko, AKTHESAVIOR.

Hold the ground for my bones
And my chakras, I smoke a lot ’cause
I smoke some pounds, and my niggas all around with the choppers
We got the choppers
Hold the ground for my bones
And my chakras, I smoke a lot ’cause
I smoke a pound, my niggas got the choppers
My nigga got the choppers, my niggas goin’ loud

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