What Do The Underachievers Rap in Double Video “Last Call X Tokyo Drift” about?


The Underachievers, rap duo from New York, have recently participated in recording Beast Coast’s “Escape From New York” album. Issa Gold, for example, raps with Joey Badass in Beast Coast’s “Distance” video.

21. June 2019, The Underachievers released mixtape called “Lords of Flatbush 3”. And in October 2019, the duo members, Issa Gold and AKTHESAVIOR, decided to film double video for “Last Call” and “Tokyo Drift”.

The Videos of The Underachivers always feature high-quality picture and creative ideas. The video director of “Last Call X Tokyo Drift” is UZUMAKI.

He brought to life film shots in the first part. In the second part, the rappers put on the knitted viking alike helmets with the horns and ride all-terrain vehicles. Throughout the whole video, The Underachievers smoke joints and show their unrivaled clothing style.

What do The Underachievers rap in “Last Call” about?

The first track “Last Call” tells about whips, your girl cheating and only top-quality substances which the rappers use (from Hennessy to no GMO pot).

I got the light, now she open like roaders
I get so high, I be feeling heroic
No GMO, get my weed from the growers
AK the illest, most valuable poet

There are 9 verses in “Last Call”. Each verse is 8 bars. Issa Gold and AKTHESAVIOR rap one after another. All in all, it’s classic represent track in “I’m cool, you are not so cool” style. In the video, there are only 4 verses.

Yeah my hoes fuck with me, my chicks feel lucky
My team real comfy, your team look funny
That pack stay on me, your packs ain’t potent
Your gang ain’t homies, your strap ain’t loaded

The Underchievers “Last Call” was produced by YDNA.

Why the second track in the The Underachievers’ video is “Tokyo Drift”?

The second part of the video is made for “Tokyo Drift”. The Underachievers rap about their unique style and how they don’t copy none of the waves.

All on my own so I don’t owe you nada
I’m in disguise when I’m rocking that prada
Been an Amiri you niggas just follow
I’m a trendsetter my style never borrowed

It’s the same represent style track, so these 2 tracks were grouped into one video.

The Underachievers “Tokyo Drift” was also produced by YDNA.

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