Video for Freddie Gibbs & Madlib “Half Manne Half Cocaine” Features Eric Andre


Freddie Gibbs and Madlib released powerful album “Bandana” this year. It became the second collaboration between the rapper and the beatmaker. The first joint record was called “Piñata”. The first video of the “Bandana” album is for the “Crime Pays” track shows Freddie Gibbs waking up after 5 years from the events shown in “Thuggin'”.

One episode flows over into another. In the new video “Half Manne Half Cocaine”, Freddie Gibbs wakes up from coma 10 years laters in 2029. During this time he has overgrown liek he has spent the whole time on an uninhabited island. Doctor in face of Eric Andre meets him and announces that there are no more beatiful nurses with big tits. Trump’s son has become a president and changed everything. But Eric Andre has got a bag full of weapons. Freddie should use it to accomplish his mission – kill his former illegal business partner.

The “Half Manne Half Cocaine” epsiode is a logical continuation of the video for the “Giannis” track featuring Anderson .Paak in which business partners only make the first agreements about their dirty deals.

Nigga, I deserve
Big old house and two thick bitches makin’ grits
Leather seats in the new candy-painted whip
Bitch, I came out the womb on some gangster shit

The “Half Manne Half Cocaine” track is divided into two parts. In the first part, Freddie Gibbs talks about his life achievements, sex and wealth. The second part starts with the beat change. The apper develops the theme of selling cocaine and dirty money. You can definitely call this single a rap masterpiece.

Yeah, half man, half cocaine (Cocaine)
I just mixed the Tylenol with heroin (Heroin)
Junkies shoot some detergent in their fuckin’ veins (Fuckin’ veins)
Cradle to the grave, nigga, crime pays

By the way, Madlib, the big fan of vinyl and analog sound, admitted that all the beats from “Bandana” album were created on iPad. It lead to wave of indignation. With this statement, Madlib only proved once again that it’s not the technology that makes the man, but it’s the man who makes technology. Only in the hands on the master, the true master piece could be made with the help of technology.

The “Bandana” album can be considered as a phenomenon, a big thing and a breath of fresh air in the modern rap.

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