10 Denzel Curry Essentials He Can Not Live Without


GQ together with Denzel Curry created the list of things that he can not live without. The list contains Playstation 4 and videogames, blender, favourite manga issue, athletic sneakers, jacket-backpack, but let’s not run ahead.

So, what’s on the final list?

  1. Ninja blender
  2. One Man Punch 15 Manga
  3. Nike athletic sneakers
  4. Playstation 4 and videogames: Jump Force, God Of War 4, Soul Calibur VI
  5. Jacket-backpack North Face
  6. Palace pouch with his gold
  7. UNO cards
  8. Sketchbook
  9. Apple Macbook laptop
  10. Pull-up bar
  11. Marshall speaker
  12. Crock-pot

Denzel Curry is an incredibly versatile artist. You can see it from his favourite and essential things which he can not live without.


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