Craig Xen & XXXTentacion “Run It Back” Gets Official Video


Quite a long time has passed since XXXTentacion has died. And his songs still continue to be screened. One more official video was made for Craig Xen & XXXTentacion “Run It Back” which was released on Craig Xen “Broken Kids Club”.

In this track Members Only artists: Craig Xen and XXXTentacion express their discontent to fuckboys. XXXTentacion also notes that he can not trust females. It seems that the reason is his bad relationship with his girlfriend Geneva Ayala. Guys are ready to wreck anyone who wants to diss their crew.

Who want me? You try me, you’ll lose your hopscotch, ooh
My OG told me, “Don’t trust thots or fuckboys,” uh (Ayy, ayy)

In the Craig Xen & XXXTentacion “Run It Back” official video the violence is glorified. The raid with robbery is the main storyline. At the end of the video, Craig Xen and his friend which sits near the XXXTentaction monument and tells the kids the story when they have robbed the bank. There were а lot of snipers, bullets were flying by their heads. This, of course, was allegedly not the truth.

“RUN IT BACK!” video release date: 30. July 2019.

XXXTentacion said on one audio-record that he once had stabbed 8 people with the knife. But there was no proof.

“RUN IT BACK” is not the first track that was screened after XXXTentacion’s death. The animated video for XXXTentacion “Sauce” was been already made in the beginning of 2019.


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