Ghostface Killah Commits a Robbery in “Conditioning” Video


Ghostface Killah makes a robbery on Latin American mafia in “Conditioning” video. With his accomplices, he drives in a black van to the house in order to commit a crime.

“Conditioning” is the first single from the upcoming “Ghostfacekillahs” album.

All the Ghostface Killah’s accomplices put on the masks of the American presidents: Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Ghost himself painted his face as if he was 5th member of Kiss band.

During the shootout in the house, of course, the man in Donal Trump mask was shot. Ghostface Killah, threatening to blow the main mafioso’s head, gets to know the safe code, takes the money and then kills all mafia.

After that Ghostface Killah together with his friends in president masks watch “Tom & Jerry” in a small movie theatre.

The video turned out to the whole cinematographic plot at the end of which Ghostface Killah went away with the wife of robbed and killed mafioso.

By the way, Wu-Tang Clan has been already working on the series about The organization of the group “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”.


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