Pouya drops “The South Got Something To Say” Album


Pouya has just released his new album called The South Got Something To Say. It consists of 15 tracks. The new release has got light summer sounding instrumentals as well as soft Baby Bone rapping. Sometimes it even turns into melodious chants. The featured artists are Rocci, Midnight Rush, Cuco, Ghostemane and Juicy J.

The name “The South Got Something To Say” directly highlights that Pouya is from the southern state. The whole album is filled with confessions and love affliction. That’s why we’ve got that light sound. + One of the main singles “Superman Is Dead” shows that the main character can also be fragile just like every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

I thought you would be mine but now you’re leavin’
I thought I was Superman but now I’m bleedin’
Lately, I’ve been up late and I’m not sleepin’
When I think about you, I stop breathin’

On “The South Got Something To Say” Pouya raps that he wants to be alone and sometimes gets depressed. Although the album turned out to be very personal, there is a place for the banter. For example, the track “Suck My Dick” Pouya makes an announcement that his track doesn’t become monetized if it is not long enough.

Probably, you can not write a soft lyrical verse for the track with City Morgue. That’s why “Bulletproof Shower Cap” turns out to be savage. ZillaKami and Sosmula helped with this. And, of course, the guy with the underworld vocal called Ghostemane won’t go over motherese. So he just killed the beat in the “Cyanide” with high-frequency rapping and then went down to his underworld flow.

I’m thinkin’ about the end today
I wanna see Peep and X today
I wanna grow wings and horns and die
And ride the horse and fly away

Six Speed had been long-awaited before “The South Got Something To Say” was released. Track made together with Juicy J leaked to the internet a while ago. Hard flow lovers have already appreciated Juicy J’s and Pouya’s fast flows in this track. All in all, the second part of the album turned out much harder than the first.

And, of course, you can hear “MTM hit ’em with the hit” adlib through the listening of the whole album. This means that most of the tracks were produced by Mikey The Magician.


  1. Cruisin’ in the MIA
  2. I’m Alive
  3. Five Six
  4. 95
  5. Superman Is Dead
  6. Mood Swing Misery (feat. Rocci)
  7. Settle Down (feat. Midnight Rush)
  8. Florida Thang
  9. Talk to Me Before I Die (feat. Cuco)
  10. Suck My Dick
  11. Run It Down (feat. Rocci)
  12. Bulletproof Shower Cap (feat. City Morgue)
  13. Cyanide (feat. Ghostemane)
  14. Six Speed (feat. Juicy J)
  15. When Will I See You?

Release date: 30 June 2019

“The South Got Something To Say” is the second release which Pouya participated in this year. The first was out February 2019 and was called “Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3”

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