Nike SB: Nyjah Huston’s worst skateboarding falls


Nyjah Huston talks to Nike SB about his worst skateboarding falls. Sometimes it happens the way that you lose control over the board and there’s no time to correct anything. Everything just happens in a matter of moments.

Nyjah Huston shares his experience of situations when he has changed his decision in the last moments or hs made some stupid mistakes during the filming of his tricks. The video shows how hard he dies on his skateboard, but then stands up and lands the trick.

Of course, it happened that he was opening his eyes and could understand that he was in the hospital. Sometimes he had to wait for the whole month to get back and redo his trick. Loss of balance control, falls on the back and the head, landing surface covered with blood and loss of consciousness – Nyjah has seen it all.


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