X-Games Skateboard Minneapolis 2019 results. Who Did the First 1260 on Skateboard?


X Games Minneapolis 2019 was hold on 1-3 August 2019. One of the desciplines was skateboarding.

X GAMES Skateboard Street 2019

The results of the Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street are the following:

  1. Yuto Horigome – gold medal
  2. Nyjah Huston – silver medal
  3. Sora Shirai – bronze medal

17-year old Sora Shirai’s run was just crazy. One of his tricks was hardflip frontside boardslide, but he still only got bronze medal and third place. This is his first X Games medal.

Nyjah Huston took silver medal. This is his forth silver medal and 17th medal in total from X Games for all the time. Nyjah has got 11 gold medals from all the X Games Skateboard disciplines. He is still on the second place with these numbers for the whole X Games history.

The first place was after Japanese Yuto Horigome. It’s his first gold medal and second medal from X Games.

Of course, one can argue with judges. For example, you could give first place to Sora Shirai. But judgement is quite strict, that’s why Nyjah got second place. On the other hand, there was an opinion that Nyjah could be the first. It’s always hard to judge the best.

First 3 and a half spin on a skateboard (1260 degrees) on X Games: The Real Cost Skateboard Big Air

During X Games Minneapolis 2019, Mitchie Brusco did the first 1260 in the history on a skateboard in vert, but he only took the second place and silver medal.

One more angle of Mitchie Brusco doing the first 1260 on a skateboard, which was shot by bmx- and kickscooter-rider Ryan Williams.

All in all, here are three best results on X Games: The Real Cost Skateboard Big Air:

  1. Elliot Sloan – gold medal
  2. Mitchie Brusco – silver medal
  3. Rony Gomes – bronze medal


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