Them Skates X Intuition Blue 908 and Black 908 U1 Limited Edition 2019


Jon Julio announced limited edition aggressive inlines skates: Blue 908 and the first model with overboot called Black 908 U1 in Them Skates Instagram. Two models are equipped with limited edition Intuition premium liners.

There will be the limited quantity of 1000 pairs of Them Skates Blue 908 and Black 908 U1 released:

  • Them Skates BLUE 908 with Intuition L.E. liner – 200 pairs
  • Them Skates BLUE 908 – 300 pairs
  • Them Skates BLACK 908 with Intuition L.E liner. – 200 pairs
  • Them Skates BLACK 908 – 300 pairs

Them Skates are available in sizes: X-Small (5/6 US); Small (7/8 US); Medium (9/10 US); Large (11/12 US).

What’s new in Them Skates Limited Edition 2019 models?

THEM x INTUITION liner features:

  • Medium volume all around with high volume cuff
  • 4 lace eyelets per side (8 total per liner)
  • Integrated power wrap
  • J bars and high volume toe
  • Silicone non-slip dots on sole and heel
  • Removable heel wedge

Stock liner updates:

  • New Neoprene Toe
  • New Reinforced Plastic Tongue

Them Skates Limited Edition boot updates:

  • Updated shell/boot material; harder/tougher Impact Resistant Plastic (TPU) for better support and longer-lasting
  • Soul Plates 2.0: thickened interior walls for longer-lasting; “Bridge Soul Plate Hardware” for easier customization

Date of release: October 2019

Them Skates is quite a young brand but has already released about 6 models of aggressive inline skates. This year, Intuition Liners company celebrates its 25 years. This is the first collaboration between the two brands.


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