Watch Alex Burston: Elite Series No 5 VOD


Razors brand uploaded VOD Alex Burston: Elite Series No.5 filmed by Jonas Hansson, the author of SOTA and Traitement.

Goog aggressive inline skating profiles become rare in the 2010s. But Englishman Alex Burston shows the same strong level of street skating. His style looks even more like a ninja: all black clothing, black aggressive inline skates and incredible flexibility on tricks. The chosen LEVELZ “Ninja” OST emphasized even more.

For 5 minutes, Alex Burston kills curvy, kink and wall rails and sloped ledges.

Elite Series consists of 5 parts. Each part is a separate profile:

  1. Josh Glowicki
  2. Eugen Enin
  3. Scott Quinn
  4. Richie Eisler
  5. Alex Burston

Alex Burston: Elite Series No. 5 VOD was filmed in Manchester and Barcelona in the late 2017 and early 2018. Alex Burston’s profile became 5th final part of стал пятой Elite Series by Jonas Hansson.

Soundtracks (OST) for Alex Burston Elite Series No 5

  • The Knife – The Captain
  • LEVELZ – Ninja
  • Lonnie Smith – It’s Changed



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