Dime Street Challenge 2019 Skateboarding Contest Takes Place in Montreal near Olympic Stadium


Skateboarding contest Dime Street Challenge 2019 was held in Montreal on 28. September. Once again Dime skateboarding brand gathered a big amount of skateboarders to compete in street contest and show their skill and style.

One of the distinctive features of Dime Street Challenge skateboarding contest is the presence of different challenges: Hill Challenge, Bank Challenge, Launch Ramp Challenge, Mystery Challenge, Stair Challenge, Rail Challenge and Hubba Challenge.

Each challenge happens on a different spot. Therefore, each participant of the Dime Street Challenge can demonstrate his abilities to the fullest.

Of course, we should mention the originality of the challenges and true skateboarding atmosphere which is easily created by Montreal’s skateboarding brand Dime.

In 2019, Dime Street Challenge was also sponsored by Vans.

Featured skateboarders: Kader Sylla, Bobby Worrest, Will Marshall, Milton Martinez, Frank Gerwer, Pedro Barros, T-funk, Grant Patterson, Elissa Steamer, Andrew Mcgraw, Jordan Trahan, Austin Kanfoush, Étienne Gagné, Tiago Lemos, Nick Michel, Fabiana Delfino, Jamie Foy, Leon Chapdelaine, Breana Geering, Brad Cromer, Antoine Asselin, Shane O’neill, Simon Bannerot, Mason Silva, Joey Larock, Taylor Kirby, Mark Suciu, Stafhon Boca, Nora Vasconcellos, John Shanahan, Corey Glick, Bob Lasalle, Una Farrar, Zered Bassett, Josh Wilson, Weckingball, Ryan Decenzo, Mike Hawk, Wes Kremer, Karsten Kleppan, Hugo Balek, Evan Smith, Ronnie Sandoval, Jake Donnelly, Tom Knox, Raney Beres, Jed Anderson, Alexis Lacroix, John Gardner, Sean Malto, Pedro Delfino, Chachi, Omar Hassan, Sascha Daley, Jake Johnson, Dustin Henry, Lee Yankou, Dick Rizzo, Spencer Hamilton, Andrew Reynolds, Grant Taylor


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