Etnies Presents “Transitoire” Tem Video Introducing Nassim Lachhab


Skateboarding shoe brand Etnies released “Transitoire” team video. It’s also the first introduction of Nassim Lachhab to the global team.

Keeping the momentum from 2018 videos: full-length “Album”, promo section for Chris Joslin pro model “Unstoppable” and the 15-minute edit of the China Tour “Ride The Tao”, Etnies crew doesn’t need a break.

The “TRANSITOIRE” video captures the last 6 month of travelling across the south of the USA, Mexico, Canada, France, Marocco and Spain. The video also includes the last profile of the new team member Nassim Lachhab.

Nassim Lachhab did a big journey from Marocco’s capital, Rabat to Perpignan, France. And now he inhabits Barcelona. Nassim made it to the international team through his endless content updates.

It’s his constant Instagram stories, spinning his board under his feet, and his life on the road. Nassim Lachhab has always got something to entertain us.

All of our cities and urban landscapes are one big skatepark. Etnies skateboarding team highlights it perfectly. The total merger with the board and amazing filming work make this video “a must-see” even for those who are not that much into the industry.

In the “Transitoire” video, the Etnies team skates the street rails and ledges. They’ve got it all: spins, transfers, flip-offs, drops in the banks and gaps.

Cities visited: London, Paris, Los-Angeles, Vancouver, Nanzhin, Chanzha, Houston, Barcelona, Miami.

Featuring: Aidan Campbell, Barney Page, Chris Joslin, Matt Berger, Nick Garcia, Nassim Lachhab, Ryan Ley, Ryan Sheckler, Trevor McClung.

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