Amsterdam Knockout Tournament 2019


SB Events (event agency created by legendary local rollerblader Sven Boekhorst) hosted the rollerblading contest in the new interesting format on Museumplein in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

16 riders competed in pairs, to knock out each other from the tournament. Judges voted for red or blue “corner” in order to determine who goes to the next round.

Tournament table looked like this:

1st round
Joran Jesse Fleurke VS Dan Collins
Nills Jansons VS Mats Kaarel Ruus
Montre Livingston VS Diako Diaby
Joe Atkinson VS Ruben Smulders
CJ Wellsmore VS Sem Croft
Yuto Goto VS Steve Swain
Nick Lomax VS Jayton Karluss
Jaro Frijn VS Luca Gobbo

Quarter final
Dan Collins VS Nils Jansons
Montre Livingston VS Joe Atkinson
Sem Croft VS Yuto Goto
Nick Lomax VS Jaro Frijn

Dan Collings VS Joe Atkinson
Yuto Goto VS Nick Lomax

After all rounds Yuto Goto and Joe Atkinson got to the final. And as a result Joe won Amsterdam Knockout Tournament 2019.

LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out (Undefeated Remix)
DJ Shadow – Organ Donor

Video: Cavin Brinkman


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